Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines catch-up

Since Leon was traveling this week (starting yesterday) he surprised me with a dinner out on Friday to Evvia sans Max. I also got a nice surprise yesterday at work when Leon sent a cookie basket. Thanks honey!

Unfortunately Valentines Day brought me a bad cold! Ugh...Poor Max caught a cold (not sure if that is where mine came from) so I have been up at night with him helping to clear his poor little nose.

I was desperate to clear my own sinuses, (I didn't want to drug myself up at night so I could be awake for Max) so I bought a Neti Pot. At first I was freaked out...was this like waterboarding or what? But let me tell ya, it works!

So, Neti Pot was a Valentines Day gift to myself.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day - breathing freely!

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