Monday, February 27, 2012

Holy smokes Batman

I just noticed in my last three posts, Max is wearing his batman shirt. Somehow, when I'm filming, THIS shirt seems to make an appearance. I swear, the boy has other clothes. :)

Don't steal my snack!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Full house

Last Sunday, Erin & Ben as well as the Paulsons swung by to hang out.  We had quite the full house and it was fun to see all these kiddos together. Ruby & Charlotte were so cute! I mean...they always are so cute. The highlight of the night though was the Max & Henry show - these two guys were giving us a preview of what it is going to be like as they grow up!

So fun to have impromptu nights like these :)

Catching up 
Henry giving some love to his sis
Henry having a PBJ & snacks
Me holding...Charlotte? Notice she's clinging to my shirt! :)
Brett with Henry and....Ruby? :)
Leon helps Hank & Max read a book
And is the Hank & Max show. They were cracking us up! Although, as Brett mentioned, they may have been good birth control for Erin & Ben. I love how they are saying "Hiiiiiiiiii!!!" to each other and copying one another. These boys...luv 'em! :)

Evan's 3rd bday - Pump pump pump it up!

Last weekend we got to spend the morning at Pump It Up celebrating Evan's 3rd birthday. Last year we went to a similar type party for another kiddo, but Max wasn't old enough to join the others in the bouncy houses. This time was totally different and Max enjoyed every minute of it.

Happy bday Evan and thanks for having us be part of your day!

Max & Daddy
Max having fun shooting hoops
Andrew plays with his Dad Jimmy watching
Attempt at a group picture...Max wasn't interested in that 
Evan the bday boy