Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Nothing but some R&R today. We took a short walk downtown and had lunch together, but mostly the whole fam chilled out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Steeler Sunday

On Sunday, The Kavals, Jeff & Emma, and Angie & Hank came over for the Steelers game. We had some Fred Steak, yummy appetizers, and lots of drinks. Ann left a happy gal (not so happy early on for fear of Jeff jinxing things) because the Steelers are going to the Superbowl!

The Kavals did teach Max a new trick this week, which we will call the "Kaval squeal". Wish I could have caught this on video, but hilarious. Henry also wanted to show Max some love and kept hugging him...he just didn't want to let go! Lol. Max wasn't sure what to do, but this interaction will be funny to see when they are BOTH mobile.

Emma plays with Max 
Serious Steeler discussion
Max & Hank check out the shaker eggs
Angie watches the kiddos
Max flirting with Ann
Henry put this cart to good use

Rolling rolling rolling

That's about how our weekly picture time went! Max just wants to roll on out of the picture. Why stay still when you have some new mobility skills? Here is how the session went:

Getting their hands dirty

On Saturday, I met up with Angie at Create It! to have Hank & Max get clay handprints done. It was a faster process than I thought - all I had to do was hold Max while they pressed his little hand in clay and they do all the rest. We'll pick them up in a couple months (they have THAT many to do!). Unfortunately, since we were about 10 minutes late, I missed getting pics of! That's ok, I caught one of them at lunch.

Max getting his hand pressed into the clay
Look at that lil chubby handprint! Luv it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hacienda Heights Reunion

On Monday evening we met up with some childhood friends of Leon. Henry, Victor, & Leon all grew up together in Hacienda Heights and had the same babysitter! Now that they are grown-ups and married with little ones, it was nice to get together and meet each other's families. In typical chinese style, we met up at Cupertino village and had dinner followed by boba! :)

Caitlyn & Henry
Mina & Casey
Victor & Leon
Judy, Hank, & Caitlyn
1/2 of me & Max

Dinner night...with nightcaps

Sunday night we went out to dinner with the Paulsons & McMillers (and the Paulson's friend James) at Bistro Vida (I recommend  the steak and frites). Max was on his best behavior even though he was a pretty tired bear by the time we got home. Hank & Max in their highchairs together was the cutest!!!

Afterwards, the McMillers came over for a nightcap (or three) while I presented Garrett with my 5 minute-made 100cal. hostess cupcakes for an early bday celebration! We were later joined by Brett & James as we watched the Golden Globes in fast forward. I certainly paid for it the next day as I seemed to be the only one working out of the group on MLK day - boo!

Thanks for a great night out (and in) and happy bday Garrett!

The gang at dinner
"Let me help you with that cheerio, Max!"
"You're my bro!!!"
Double trouble
"I dunno about dessert, but these menus are tasty!"
Garrett & Shannon with Max before his bedtime

Vintage O Face

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tank gets in on the action

Tank really wanted to get in on the action with Max's weekly photo session yesterday. (BTW, those are getting harder as Max learns to move, and starts rolling out of the picture)

Here's some cute photos of these two bros.

Having fun
Getting kisses from Tank
"What you lookin' at Momma?" 
Tank loves the quilt too

The Kavals hang out

It was a pretty chilled out Saturday around here. The Kavals came over to have some lunch & watch the Steelers game (Ann left happy because they won). In addition, Uncle Peter was teaching Max how to effectively do the "pfffbbbbbbttttt" sound :) You'll know what I mean when you see the below.

Max catches on quickly
So did Leon

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The O Face

Lately Max has been making this goofy face. Who knows why, but it cracks me up :)

Max & a half scoot

Caught this on video a couple weeks back. Unfortunately I didn't catch most of his scooting while I was searching for the video cam! Here's Max in a half scoot.

Janet meets Max!

On Sunday we were graced by a visit from Janet! She had never met Max before and he had no problem taking to her right away. Her little dog Rowdy also came along - unfortunately Tank didn't give him the same nice greeting and instead panted heavily in his face while wanting to play the entire time. Can you say "attention deprived"? Ha. At least Max was on his best behavior for our guests! :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My little bear

Just some pics I took while in LA....LOVE my bear :)

Catching up with the Hivelys

While we were in LA, we were able to visit the beautiful home & family of Brad & Heather. Wow! The home was fab, the dog (Theo) was too funny, and Maya was too cute (and sassy from what we hear's she sassy already? Must be the red hair!)

We had always joked about our parallel lives (pregnant at the same time with due date within 3 days of each other and closed on our new homes within 3 days of each other) so it was great to catch up.

Heather & Lil Miss Maya
Brad & Maya
Max & Maya on the music table
Dads & offspring