Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little catching up

Busy week last week....here's an update:

Wednesday night, went to the Maroon 5 concert at the Shoreline. I am not really much of a fan of Maroon 5, but with free VIP tickets, who can say No? It ended up being fun and they sounded good live.

Obstructed view


Then on Saturday it was time to do our civil duty and participate in the California Coastal Cleanup Day. We picked Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay. We managed to collect about 60 lbs. of debris including lighter fluid canisters, beer cans & bottles, cigarette butts, plastic bags, and socks (yes...socks). The biggest find however, was an old rusted shopping cart that Leon helped to haul back to the sign-in site with two other guys.

A lot of beach to clean

Enjoy the view

Leon scouring for garbage

Saturday night called for a celebration. We attended Leon's good friend Adam M.'s b-day party in SF. They rented a party trolley that stopped off at Medjool and Element. The Russian trolley driver was too funny (even if he wasn't meaning to be funny). He told us that if we must go pee or use drugs, then he has to pull over. So long as we did those things on the sidewalk, he had no problem pulling over. Great pep talk to get the night started. We had a lot of fun...almost too much - as I woke up with a wee bit of a hangover!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Spring Awakening

Great show...go see it while it's in town.

I especially liked the first few opening numbers.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hot day, Fuwa, and Opa!

Wow - guess Summer decided to start in September. We do not usually see these temps on the Peninsula, so it is damn hot I tell ya'.

This past weekend Leon got back from China and he came bearing gifts. I was very excited to receive my collection of Fuwa!

Leon was suffering from jet lag still, but we managed to catch Tropic Thunder (hilarious BTW), and take a peek at the Greek Festival which happens to be just around the corner from where we live. Lots of good food, and we had to take some dessert to go.

Although this was a short week, given the Labor Day holiday, it seems like forever for Friday to get here...