Wednesday, April 28, 2010

36 weeks

Four more weeks! Yes....the countdown is here. Today i am exactly 36 weeks along.

Leon and I don't really have a pic together with my bump. Since we took one for Stanford's reunion weekend dinner slideshow thingy (something like that) I decided to post it too.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everyone likes to Snoogle

Most of you pregger (or prior pregger) people (or partners of) are familiar with the Snoogle pregnancy pillow. It's a curved body pillow for pregnant women. It's been pretty helpful for me these last 8 months and since I am a back sleeper, it forces me to sleep on my side (like I am suppose to!). Leon has found it to be quite comfy and tried it out a couple times.

Tank, however, loves to sleep in my Snoogle any chance he can get. Whether it is before bedtime as Leon and I go through our nightly routine, or right after I wake up, he's back in place.

Get your Zzzz's lil' Tank because we both will be missing out on them soon!

Visitors from AZ

Last night we were lucky to get a visit from the Chans! They were up here visiting family and friends. I was so excited to finally meet their little one, Kingsley. Those cheeks! It is hard to believe that we are going to be joining them in parenthood shortly. Didi always has some great true and tested mommy/baby things to recommend. Q always funny, but nice to see him in the Dad role. Terri and his wife Mona also swung by, but unfortunately I didn't get to snap a pic. Thanks for stopping by guys!

Momma Didi & Kingsley
Dad Quentin & Kingsley

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Showered

What lucky people we are to have such loving family and friends. This post is past-due with all the "showering" our family & friends have brought upon us. We really are blessed to have such generous people in our lives!

(3.27.10) First shower was thrown by my sisters, Mom, and a couple close friends. Thank you Nga, Hong, Marifi, Janet, & Mom! The sun decided to shine on this weekend and all came to see our new pad. We had lots of little ones running around and enjoyed some good food. Everyone was so generous - we barely fit the gifts into the nursery and wondered after this first shower if we already didn't need to get an even bigger home :)
(4.3.10) Next shower was hosted by our dear friends Jeff, Sam, Karen, & Jake. The theme was March Madness and everyone had to wear their favorite college team t's. They even had a small b-ball hoop hooked up in the back for those who wanted to participate in "brackets". Congrats to Tom & Michelle who won Snuggies :)
(4.6.10) The gals at work treated me to a special night out. It started with pedicures, followed by some good food at Maggianos. I was relaxed and full by night's end and ready to roll home...literally!
(4.11.10) Now came another REALLY special treat. Miss Ann P. decided while our boys were away in Pismo for the weekend, the girls needed some R&R and treats for ourselves. So, Ann, Shannon, Angie, and Angie's sis Courtney treated me to the Ritz Carlton brunch in Half Moon Bay. Wow, what a treat! Although the weather was less than stellar, the food and good company more than made up for it. Some of us even squeezed in massages the day before - I felt spoiled, but certainly wouldn't turn any of this down. Thanks girls!

(4.13.10) Last, but not least, came a shower thrown by Leon's company. It was hosted at one of the partner's very nice home in Hillsborough. Don't know that I ever mentioned it, but one of my pregnancy "cravings" has been salads from Sprout in Palo Alto. They were so nice, they had it catered by Sprout! We even had some Kara's cupcakes for dessert. The highlight was a blown-up pic of Leon as a baby that was hanging up when we entered. These folks were so generous, and we had a great time.

Whew! I think we are now more than stocked up on baby gear. Now it's countdown time until the little one arrives. Thanks to everyone for the gifts & kind words - we really are grateful for the people we have in our lives :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Same shirt - bigger belly

This is me at a little over 32 weeks (I am now 34 weeks along). This is a beyond bump now :)