Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tom & Lisa visit - blasts from the past!

On Saturday we were graced by a visit from Tom and his wife Lisa. It has been SO LONG since we have seen Tom. He was a friend from Leon's PhD days at Stanford and was even a groomsmen in our wedding! I remember when Tom and Leon could talk for hours about science, and then I would tune out and turn on trash TV (we used to be roommates).

Now Tom is all domesticated with a new wife and a new home not that far away. (I should mention Lisa is not new to us, but we actually know her through our friend Joma as those two went to MIT together). We hope to see more of Tom and Lisa in the near future because we talked for hours and had a great time. Also, Max turned on all the charm for these two and was smiling and laughing from the time he woke up from his nap to the time he went to bed. Except for in these photos :)

Tom & Lisa with our kids
Max (spaced out), Tom, Lisa, & Tank

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