Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sunday visitors

On Sunday afternoon, the Grandparents & Auntie Nga came to visit Max! He was not having such a great afternoon nap, but was all smiles when Grandpa & Grandma picked him up out of the crib. The next couple hours Max pulled out all the stops laughing, smiling, playing, and making everyone happy overall. Auntie Nga got Max a new toy and he took no time at all to show her how to shake it (shake it like a polaroid picture...)

My mom brought over ALOT of food for an early Chinese New Year dinner. So we ate while Max showed off his puff-cereal-eating skills.

It was a nice laid-back time, and I always like when Max gets to spend time with family!

Havin fun with Auntie Nga
Center of attention (you too Tank!)
Grandpa Jim, Grandma Lan, & Max (he is SO past tired here right before bed)
Max saying goodnight to Auntie Nga

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