Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funday

More time at the park today - this time in Redwood City with a cool snail statue that trickled water from the top.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Soakin' up Saturday

Today we were suppose to take Max to his first swim lesson. Epic fail. It's a drop-in class and we showed up 10 minutes before class to be told that they had no more room. What to do? Max already had his swim diapers and trunks on and was rearing to go.

Well, as luck would have it, Mitchell Park was right next door. Since it's summer now, the water area was in full force. Even though the water was cold, Max was having a great time and did not want to leave! I can't wait until Max can walk (he's been taking about 3-4 steps at a time now...he's very close) so I can see him play here all summer.

Who needs swimming lessons to have fun? :)

Fun on the swing
Checking things out
In the water area

How's this thing work?

Fun in the water

Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy day

Please excuse me while I gush over my hubby and what a great Dad he is. Caring, fun (even if I do sometimes coin you NFD), and full of love for his baby bear Max.

We spent Father's Day eating at Cafe Borrone. Then a shopping trip to the mall (YES, this WAS Leon's request) where I could buy Leon whatever I wanted. Whoo hoo, and we did go crazy at Banana Republic. Leon drew the line at a paisley shirt...I tried I tried. Then we were joined by the Kavals who walked marched on over and shared a couple jack and cokes to top off the night, followed by a fun ride in Leon's new car.

We love you and hope you enjoyed every minute of your Father's Day, because you deserve it!

Max & Leon on Father's Day
This is Max's new trick. Holding something (anything) in his mouth and crawling around....see the examples your dog can set? :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1 year stats

No doubt, Max is always at the top of his percentiles!

Max did great at his first year appointment - until the nurse with the "tray of pain" came in. I must say, she sure took her time with the vaccines. However, Max cried a bit with each of the 4 shots and then handled it like a champ.

1st year (and 1 week) stats:

Head - 47cm, 73rd percentile
Height - 30 in, 53rd percentile
Weight - 24 lbs 4 oz, 86th percentile

Playing with his maraca before weigh-in
All good times...for NOW 
Spotted something interesting 
Wondrous thermometer

Sleepy blog

I  know this blog has been sleepy as of late and I am going to try and be better about posting! Happy Sunday and hope you got to sleep in this morning :)