Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well hello lil' one

This past weekend we finally got to meet lil' Albert Wehrman! Our friends Lisa & Tom had him on September 1st, but have been very busy with the lil' guy. We all headed over to their place and while Max showed Tom & Lisa what would eventually need to be child-proofed, we got to dote on Albert for a bit.

Look at those cheeks...can you not DIE? What a beautiful family they make!

Tom, Albert, & Lisa

Stompin' around stanford

Last weekend my parents and my sis came to visit and we decided to walk around the Stanford campus to let Max get his ya-ya's out before lunch. Not only am I reminded how pretty this portion of the campus was, but it is always great to see Max spend time with his grandma, grandpa, and auntie!

Pops & Moms in front of the church 
Max on the go
"What's up statue?"
Mom & Auntie Nga watch Max run around
Max LOVES his Grandpa 
More running around

Pumpkin Patchin'

A couple weeks back we visited the pumpkin patch with Max. We decided on a local family farm (Webb Ranch in Portola Valley) instead of trying to deal with the Half Moon Bay madness that happens around this time of year.

It was so fun to see Max so into it. He insisted on walking from the car all the way down the hill and into the patch by himself (no hand holding by Mom). Once he got there, he was amazed by the selection and prices...ok that was me. Really, we got about 5-6 pumpkins total and we paid $22! Awesome. Best part of all was to see how quickly Max caught on to picking out pumpkins (going for alot of big ones) and putting them in a wheel barrel. I can't wait to see how he reacts to trick-or-treating :)

Max poses on a hay stack
Daddy & Max on the hay truck
Max picks his first pumpkin
Leon paying close attention to fantasy football Max
Max & Daddy

More pumpkin pickin'

Two Sweet

You know, I been dying to tell you about these two, but I wanted their folks to be able to tell ya' first.

We are more than ecstatic to announce the arrival of our dear friends the Paulson's baby girls...yep twins! Congrats Angie, Brett, & Big Bro Henry!

Ruby Genevieve Paulson
October 7th   10:01 pm   6 lbs 3 oz   19.75 in

Charlotte Piper Paulson 
October 7th   10:07 pm   5 lbs 15 oz   18.5 in
Ruby & Charlotte

Me visiting@ the hospital...they were so tiny & cute!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Very proud about using a spoon

Another reason Max & Tank are good buds

Max cleans house with Tank

I know I have been terrible at the blog upkeep...so here's a video to keep you interested! Max torturing playing with Tank. In case you can't tell, Tank is not a fan of anything that cleans the floor, be it vacuum, swiffer, or broom! (I also caught Max saying Uh-Oh on this vid :) )