Friday, May 22, 2009


Currently listening to: Charmer - Kings of Leon

Wow...great...fantasmic....rockin... guess that's how I can describe it. I have been wanting to see Kings of Leon in concert for a long time and they didn't disappoint. Even Leon himself (no pun intended) has become a fan. Saw them this past Thursday night in SF at the Bill Graham Civic Center.

Some highlights of the night...

A very drunk/high group of girls were next to us proclaiming their "space" during the concert (It was standing room only on the floor). One turned to me and said, "You know, if it's ok with you I'm just going to pee here because the line for the bathroom is too long." I told her I don't mind, so long as she does it away from me. She proceeded to pee into her vodka cup, while her friend took pictures of parts in the process. After she was through, her friends were telling her not to leave her cup around there and to get rid of it. Her solution? She threw it over the audience ahead of her!!! If those people knew that was Then her friend was showing pics of her vajay-jay on her i-Phone to her and everyone around her. Did I also mentioned that this happened before KOL even hit the stage? As a friend I know (okay Annika) would say... Handle your sh*t!

Another drunk lady who was a little older and totally picking up on this guy next to her was telling us all not to move and to claim our space. Then she reached out to touch my arm and tell me once more. She proceeded to rub my arm and tell me "your skin is SO SOFT"...then she rubbed my arm for the next five minutes saying "it's soft!" Awkward.

Two guys were almost in a fight next to us for about twenty minutes for pushing. I almost kind of hoped for it, as it might have cleared some space for us to get closer to the stage.

So these all may not sound like highlights that made it fun for us, but it actually was pretty entertaining. You could say these people were our entertainment before the actual entertainers came on stage.

Kings of Leon must have played three albums worth of songs, they barely took any breaks. When they did, the lead singer Caleb kept telling the audience how much he appreciated us "spending our money, in times like these, on a concert to see us" or "I remember when we were the opening act here only a few years ago, thanks for supporting us". He also mentioned "drive home safe" or "thanks for being respectful to each other" (obviously he didn't see the drunk group of people standing next to us). It was cute actually and I was crushin' on him by the end- is it his Southern charm? :)

Some pics from the night...

Leon (my king) & I

Everyone sits and waits...drunkards not there yet

KOL hits the stage

Matthew, Nathan, Caleb

Caleb & Jared

Caleb with the O face

Rockin out

This was the moment that Caleb looked driectly at me and said "Sandy, this song goes out to you because I am in love with you," and he proceeded to sing Use Somebody....ok that never happened, but I pretended it did



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When the Boys Are Away, the Girls Will Play

Currently listening to: Notion - Kings of Leon (yeah you know, just doing my homework for the concert this week!)

So Leon went away on a four-day boys weekend in Pismo and I was left alone Thursday through Sunday...but not really. Angie, Shannon, and Ann stopped by last Friday and we had our own mini-potluck. Yum! It was great fun eating while we figured out how to rent a fairly huge houseboat on the closest lake in the Bay Area, that must have a slide....long story, but let's say someone will enjoy their birthday compliments of Ann :)

Saturday I participated in a walk at work for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Since Leon was away, Angie was SO NICE to fill-in for him at the walk. Thanks again Ang, you're the greatest!!! {{{hugs}}} Sharkie apparently had some issues with me as he approached me more than once either biting my head or taking the team sign and banging it on my head. What's up with that? No instagation on my part, but I did whisper to him while taking our team picture "Go Ducks!" Here's some pics.

Angie & I staying cool in the shade

Team picture with Sharkie (a.k.a. the Shark that has a grudge w/me)

Angie and I spent the rest of the day shopping. Angie is a good shopper as she assists in rationalizing your purchase. Leon would appreciate me going shopping with Angie! :) Guess what though Angie? I splurged and bought those sunglasses after all...they were calling me!

On a very hot Sunday morning, we had brunch with Lorianne who is on a countdown to her wedding day. We can't wait! She filled us in on a dessert bar of some kind with candy, sundaes, and....get ready....COTTON CANDY! How awesome is that? So excited for her and her fiance Nick, they make a great couple. It was also a nice cap-off to the weekend hanging with the gals.

On a totally random note...I am looking so forward to Glee. I am already singing the commercials and have it programmed on the DVR.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Heart Kings of Leon

And really it is not a bias with their band name :)

I like some good old Southern Rock sometimes (Creedance anyone?) but this latest album has me listening at least once everyday with a song or two on my commute. Maybe their old fans won't like this "new" Kings of Leon (I call it improved), but it sure has gained them a whole lot more popularity in the States. Personally, I like this sort of arena rock thing they got going on now.

I am into them so much that we are going to see them in concert next week. This really will be my first "rock" concert and it is at a venue that is basically standing room only....Rock on!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 5th B-day Tank time flies. Our little Boston Terrier Tank turned the magical 5 years old yesterday. That means he is almost caught up to us in human years, but he still has more spunk than his parents by far.

Tank got to celebrate his birthday in style. We grilled Fred Steak for dinner. Tank had some and so did we (hey we have to join in on the festivities, right?). And since Schaub's just so happens to be right next door to Sprinkles, we picked up some dessert too.

By night's end, Tank's belly was full and he was snoring contently. Leon followed suit soon after :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

It's been awhile

... a long while since I have posted. Perhaps it is because I am caught up in other timesucking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Redfin, etc.

So I choose this Monday to share with you, and to let you know that my blog is still alive - even if barely kicking.

Here's a way to get you through the week: check out this website. It's called Texts from Last Night and you can guess the fun stuff that comes out of this one. I discovered it last week and have been logging in sporadically, but always to some funny finding.

A couple from today:

(202): He's so far in the closet he's in Narnia

(508): hdsncx Gizmo asnqw toilet blanasdi
(214): ok, stay where you are, be there soon

(610): I thought she had blonde hair
(302): No, Gonorrhea actually