Monday, March 28, 2011

Max laughing & squealing

Caught a little bit of Max laughing on video with Leon. This is obviously pre-haircut (which he is  on his third already!)

Meal time

Veggies & pasta sure taste good
What? You ran out? (BTW, can see Max's tooth in this pic!)
Washing it down with some water & puffs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ye Ye & Nai Nai are back

This weekend we were blessed by a visit from the LA 'rents! Max couldn't have been more happy to see his grandparents and I am sure I can say they felt the same. He was such a ham the entire time and had no trouble showing off his mobile skills. Although it rained all weekend, it was so nice to get to spend time together.

I heart this!!! Max and YeYe
Max & YeYe catch up on Oprah
Nai Nai, Max,  & Ye Ye
Max & Nai Nai

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baking Therapy - Lemon Bars

On Monday nights I am taking an HR certification class. Last week, one of the instructors brought a whole lot of lemons from her meyer lemon tree. I took whatever the rest of the class didn't and promised to bring back lemon bars. Even though it's been a tiring day, I pulled through with these. :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, my parents and sister came over for a mini-celebration of my Dad's birthday. We all enjoyed some Fred Steak and fixings while Max was hamming it up for everyone. I think the best gift was time with Max :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

The finished cake (I added some chocolate drizzle this morning)
A tired Max & Grandpa
Reading b-day cards together
Max liked the Best Buy giftcard

Baking Therapy - German Chocolate Cake

My Dad's birthday is tomorrow, so today we threw a mini celebration for him. That calls for his favorite cake: German Chocolate. I love German Chocolate too, so it's a win for everyone!

Totally Rad Rummage Sale Party

On Friday, Angie invited me to the pre-rummage sale party for Junior League of San Jose. The theme was Rock through the ages, and we went 80's. Though you can't see it well in this picture, Angie got me a lovely neon pink headband with a giant lace bow - awesome! You probably can't see it because my hair is so big. Angie managed to look cute while I managed to look crazy. Thanks for a fun time with good deals, Ang!

Blog blast & a break through

Ok, alot of catching up today, but first let's start with a break-through. Max got his first tooth yesterday! I noticed it right before we were doing laundry together :)

Get to folding, Max!
Two lil' helpers

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Second haircut

Max got his second haircut on Sunday, but I don't think he was a fan...

trim up the sides
"This is lame, Mom!"

Mama prayers

It's true...your life does change when becoming a Mom.

And even if you aren't a religious person, you'll find that as your little one grows, you start praying for things. Things like:

baby to sleep
baby to poop
baby to eat
you to sleep
baby to stop pooping
you to eat
baby to stop crying
husband to hear baby crying
baby to smile
you to smile
baby to crawl
baby to stop crawling
baby to get teeth
baby to stop teething
a break
more time with baby
baby to love you

After Max awakes, we come in to a babbling, smiling baby, waiting for us in his crib...

and I pray that moments like these last a  little longer :)

Friends-all-around Saturday

On Saturday, the Paulsons had the Kavals and Chens over for brunch. Can we say yummy? Second servings of eggs all around. Thanks Paulsons!

We took a walk around the neighborhood, and Brett rolled the boys along in their cool wagon (not Peter & Leon...I'm talking about Max & Hank!).

Here's the pics...

Max checks out Henry's books
Seriously - how cute is this???
Ridin' along
Can you tell Max is sleepy?
Henry picking flowers for the girls

Friday, March 04, 2011

9 Month stats

Nine months have flown by. Max has grown into a mobile babbling machine. He's a pretty chill & happy baby, and still a big boy :)

Thank goodness the 9 month check-up doesn't involve vaccines. Max sure knows how to make us into liars though. We asked the doc to check his ears or teeth-to-be as he had been fussy three nights in a row before we went to the appointment. Max just laughed and smiled, even when the doc was gagging him with the tongue depressor. (Ears all clear and no teeth yet). "Sure he's fussy," she said with a smile.

Then when she asked does he babble and say dada, gaga, baba, etc. or have stranger anxiety - with perfect timing Max squealed and started babbling right to the doc. Guess he knows how to babble, and a fat NO on the stranger anxiety.

Here's his stats:

Head circumference: 46.5cm - 80th percentile
Height: 29in. - 71st percentile
Weight: 23lbs, 5oz. - 85th percentile