Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hanging with peeps

No...not the marshmallow ones!

I finally was able to get my camera back from Leon (yes I realize we live together) so I can download my photos. Here's what's been going down.

Our friends Matt & Lara had a baby boy, making this the second to add to their growing family. His name is Niklas and he's a cutie. We visited them on 3.21 (yeah...late posting)

Niklas & Leon

Me & Niklas (trying very hard to keep his eyes open)

Then the Windelers came to town the same weekend - yay! Jenn & Brahm without the little ones in tow. What better way to spend the weekend than to visit the Cal Academy of Sciences? It was so great to see these Michigan-ites...we feel very nostalgic when they are back in Cali and hope to visit with them again soon.

Leon fearing this horned beast

The living roof was cool...and also cold...and also windy

Leon, me, Brahm, Jenn - all freezing

Come the next weekend, the Lawrence family was heading back up north from their hood down south at the end of Spring break. So, we met them halfway in a town called Cayucos, along with friends Brett P. and Adam. We rented a 70's porn house (well it looked to be that way), with an awesome view right on the beach. These people know how to have a good time and we shared some interesting stories over smores & poker. Tank became good friends with Brooks, so much so that I think he wants to be adopted into the Lawrence family. We're trying to convince him we're cool parents too! It was a fun way to end spring break:)

Leon lighting up a cigar to start the weekend!

Tank checking things out

All the boys! Brett P., Adam, Leon, Brett L. (Tank in the background)

Cutest baby EVER! A.K.A. Brooks, digging himself a hole

Brooks & Annika chill out while the guys play Bocci

Wish every weekend was like this. *sigh*