Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hairdo done!

This past weekend Max had his first haircut! We headed over to Snip-Its in Palo Alto who specialize in kid haircuts. (Of course, future haircuts may just be at a barbershop!)

What a trooper Max was! He didn't make a peep and put up with a spray bottle in his face and crazy fast scissoring. So great to see those little ears now and not have to do a combover on him at 8 months old :)

Pre-haircut, the day before (yes, we are at Sprout, don't act so surprised!) 
Trim it up!
Posing for momma
This is my good side, Dad
All done!


angie said...

Ahhh I am going to miss the long side burns! :) His new hair cut makes him look like such a big boy. Wow!! I am pretty sure we won't need to get Hank a haircut any time soon. LOL Nice scarf. :)

sandy c said...

@ Ang - thx...it's one of my FAVORITE things. How come you didn't notice my burts bees lip balm? :)