Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Rock has taken over my evenings as I am on summer break. I have become obsessed with trying to hit 100% on a song. The drums are just... well they are quite fun.

I will say this - it is one game I can play together with Leon. Not like God of War and whatever other war-type games he has going on the PS3. In Rock Band we can "save" each other if one is not quite getting the notes right. We cheer each other on. He rocks on guitar - I rock on drums. Occasionally with a friend, I take over the mic. This is truly a team effort here people.

In addition I've been "workin on my fitness"...on the Wii-fit that is. Another fun addition!

My living room has become crowded with Wii accessories, but it makes for fun times during drunken nights and when friends visit (sometimes those are one in the same). As a matter of fact, we are hosting a "Wii-eat-crab Wiikend" next Saturday. Gonna' eat some fresh crab from Half Moon Bay, drink beer, and test our skills on the Wii.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The John Mayer of Classical Music

This past weekend for my Music Fundamentals course, I had to attend a classical music performance. Instead of shelling out $70 to see the SF Symphony, I opted for the Violin/Piano duet at a church for a mere $12.

Needless to say, classical music wasn't my thing (nor Leon's). While Leon took a nap during most of the performances, I tried to listen intently for things that would fill up a 3-page report. Like how the music made me feel, tone, pace....and um...feelings.

To keep up the entertainment factor, however, the pianist made some very...uh.... UNUSUAL faces and hand gestures during the performances. Being we were in church and all, I couldn't laugh outright - but certainly she helped to keep me awake. By the middle, we deemed her the "John Mayer of Classical Music".

If you are not familiar with John Mayer (or you may be as he has had some time in the tabloids of late) - he makes some funny facial expressions while performing as well. This is also an entertainment factor when watching him live.

Here is a good sample of facial expressions from John Mayer:

photo courtesy of

Now think of those same expressions from a very serious pianist along with dramatic arm flings... makes the $12 worth it now that I think about it.

Monday, July 07, 2008

BBQ'd Bay

I like my BBQ smokey...but not my Bay Area! These fires have really had an effect on the air quality out here. I am not used to it looking like downtown LA....hope it will clear up soon. We saw a glimmer of sky this past weekend, but that smoke crept back in.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July...yes it is July already. How did that happen?