Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bad Blogger

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Wow, long time no see. Ok, so Europe was fantastic although we probably caught a pretty bad heatwave. In short:

Venice: Nice to see once, but we won't be coming back

Florence: Beautiful, our favorite city visited. We hope to come back and see other parts around Florence

Rome: Flippin' hot...besides that, all the major landmarks are here and it is quite surreal to see them in person.

Athens: Same thoughts as Venice (was also VERY hot)

Mykonos: Beautiful and relaxing

Santorini: Most beautiful of all...can't even begin to describe the sunsets here.

Have a short weekend trip to Seattle coming up. Never been, but I am sure it will be fun. I am stocking up on my vacations now as I have a full load with school (15 units!) and work next semester...ugh.

I'll just try and remember these images as I suffer in homework hell:

The beautiful city of Florence

The best Cappucinos ever!

A Santorini sunset...

Okay, one more Santorini sunset...

Feeling this relaxed and content :)