Friday, December 31, 2010

Great Grandmas, Great Grandpas, & Aunts

Max got a super-dose of the Chen side of the family while we were in LA this week. On Wednesday, all the Greats came to have dinner at Leon's parents house to visit Wesley and see Max. Leon's Mom cooked up quite the meal. What a fun visit and Max was hamming it up for everyone!

Greeting everyone
Max doesn't know yet what to do with 'hóng bāo'
More Great Grandma love
A big meal and more doting

Christmas "Wrap" up

It has been a busy time for us between Christmas and New Year, so this Christmas post is coming to you on New Year's Eve :)

Max's first Christmas came & went. I am just sorry I didn't get more pictures - I was too busy cooking. We hosted Christmas at our place this year and it was a hit! My side of the family came as well as Leon's uncle and Leon's brother Wesley was also still in town.

Max woke up happy as a clam on Xmas morning (this was our gift, poor kiddo was real sick the entire week) and opened his stocking with Daddy. Santa brought Max a little radio flyer push wagon.

I was glad having everyone together and Max getting to see so much family. Of course, Max & Tank made out like bandits and they were buried in gifts. Everyone was so generous and we are thankful Max has so much caring family in his little life already.

Christmas morning opening stockings
Max in the Radio Flyer wagon
The spread & Tank waiting for prime rib
Opening gifts with the fam!
Winding down for the night

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baking therapy - pies

Since we were feeding a total of 12 people on Christmas, in my mind, that called for three pies. My choices? Apple, pecan, & pumpkin.

Granny smiths cleaned & ready
Peeling away
bottom crust
Finished apple pie
Pumpkin filling
Finished pumpkin pie
Finished pecan pie (yep...a little, er, " well done")

Baking therapy - Cinnamon Rolls

Since we did not know whether Max was still "contagious" or not, we unfortunately had to bail on an Xmas Eve brunch with the Paulsons. Was so bummed out, but we certainly did not want little Hank to go through what Max had to.

I was going to bring fresh cinnamon rolls to the brunch. But hey, even if we weren't having brunch together, there is no reason why I couldn't share. I brought these sweet treats to the Paulsons anyhow. Angie - no more Trader Joes cinnamon rolls ok? You'll just have to call me. :)

Rolling out the dough
Cinnamon, sugar, & butter - oh my!
Spreading it on
Ready to roll into the oven

Smothered in icing

Baking therapy - Christmas Cookies

I've been a pretty busy baker these past few days. My dear dear Max had to visit urgent care TWICE in the beginning of this week. First, his ear infection never fully went away, then he came down with HFMD...ugh. Poor thing could not eat a real meal for three days and it hurt him alot. Thankfully, our best Christmas gift was that by Christmas Eve, Max was all better!

In the meantime, I took to baking as my therapy (and preparation for hosting Xmas at our house). First up: Christmas cookies. I usually bake about 10 different kinds, but this year, just the frosted sugar would have to do. I actually had some Christmas carolers visit on Thursday while I was making these! So cute, all these kids that sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" carrying candles and their song lyrics. I told them I don't have any figgy pudding, but I do have Christmas cookies to share. They were very excited. Man, I thought that Christmas caroling only happened in the movies! :)

Rolled out
Fresh from the oven
All ready for frosting & decor
Decorated & drying

Wesley comes to the Bay

Uncle Wesley made it here all the way from Beijing to meet his nephew for the first time. I must say, Max LOVES his uncle. They have been having a great time together since Wes got here on Wednesday.

Max meeting Uncle Wes for the first time on Wednesday
Dad, Max, & Uncle
Christmas morning
Uncle Wes & Max have fun during Max's weekly picture
Cuteness :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

The McMillers Holiday Shindig

On Saturday night we got a babysitter and ventured out to Shannon & Garrett's holiday celebration. Wow...what a spread! The fanciest homemade appetizers, drinks, & treats. We had a great time. Unfortunately I wasn't good about getting many people pictures as I was busy taking pics of all their decor...oops!

Silver balls

Yummy platters

And more!
My one person picture - Peter in the kitchen

Cranberry mojitos

Leon's Bday Celebration

Friday night we celebrated Leon's bday (real bday is December 15th). Friends came to have drinks and Mexican food with the birthday boy. I found some cool crowns at Paper Source and no one was wearing them - but leave it to Emma (Jeff & Sam's little girl) to get the party started and hand out crowns to everyone.

Max was a super trooper. We turned up the sound machine in his room extra loud and stuffed a towel under the door. Kiddo slept great - even when we busted out singing to Leon (way to go Angie :) ).

Leon had a great time and so did I. It's nice to know that a little bit of the old Chens are back even though we have a lil one in tow now. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Happy bday Leon - I love you dub bub! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Xmas card rejects

Rejected...but too funny & cute not to post :)

" this real cotton?" 
No explanation of my favs
Tank: "Please....hurry...up!" 
Eminem's got nothin' on Tank!
Tired reindeer...modeling is hard work

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Test picture - new camera

I know...right? Doesn't this make me look like some professional photog with a great camera and fancy equipment? my new point-and-shoot Canon S95. Leon got this for me as a bday present since I was in the market for a new point-and-shoot camera (and I was hinting very hard about this one...drooling over it actually). The rave reviews credit great photos in low light, moving shots, and SLR technology without the huge cam. Now I just got to figure out all the settings.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Santa's little helpers

I tried to do a photo session in front of our tree, but a moving dog, moving baby, and overhead lights don't make for a combination of a good photo! Here's some of them anyhow because I think these two are funny :)

Monday, December 06, 2010