Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophie gets chewed out

We thinks someone is teething...Max has been having trouble sleeping, drooling like crazy and chewing on everything in sight. His most favorite chewing object right now is his little Sophie the giraffe (thanks Lawrences). Right now her legs are taking a beating. Hurry up and cut through Sophie!

Thanksgiving visits

While we were out in Stockton, we paid our visits to my friend Marifi and her little ones as well as my sister Hong & her family. Though the visits were short (our lives revolve around Max's nap schedule!), it was great to catch up :)

The 3 D's (Devin, Dillon, & Deston) surround Max

Clockwise fr left: Devin, Marifi, Dillon, Aleah, Deston, & Max

Marifi has fun with Max

Max & Aleah

My neice Marissa holds up her bday gift (Abercrombie cardigan) from us...she's 13!

From left: Marissa & Lucky, Max, Hong, Johnathon, & John

Max gets QT with Aunt Hong

Gobble-ing with the 'rents

The Chens headed out to Stockton this Thanksgiving to celebrate with my parents. We were lucky to have my uncle, aunt, and cousins stop by as well. As usual, my mom didn't disappoint with the spread. Good food and relaxation was the recipe for the long weekend. Most of all, it was great to see Max having fun with his grandparents!

Max & my cuz Phuong

My aunt, cousin, & sis all admiring Max

Some of the spread (Yes that is soy sauce... yes we are asian and rice was a side dish!)

The bird
Max has fun with Grandpa

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 month stats

Oh Max....he is growing like crazy...and I mean crazy round :)

At 6 months Max is scooting, saying "Dadadada, mamamamama, gagagaga, mmmm, oooohhhhh, ahhhhh" (yes, typical 6 month old's vocab), almost able to sit on his own & likes to rock forward, well into his solid foods, laughs and squeals, and loves to watch Tank play fetch.


Head circumference: 44.6cm - 74th percentile
Height: 26.25in. - 45th percentile
Weight: 19lbs 5 oz. - 81st percentile

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cee Lo - So explicit, but so catchy!

I know this has turned into a baby blog of sorts, so it's been awhile when I have spoken of other my love of music.

This song though - I love it! Offensive lyrics, but catchy tune. A throwback to a 60's R&B vibe. The lyrics? Too funny.

Not one for the four-letter word? There is a radio-friendly version too. Trust me, you will find yourself singing along to this all day. Watch out if little ones overhear you....or again, radio-friendly version translated to "Forget You".

Cee Lo - you so crazy!

UPDATE: They just did this song tonight on Glee...SHUT...UP!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Jumpy squeaky baby

Max is finding his voice :)

The Grandparents visit from SoCal!

This past weekend, Leon's folks came to visit Max. It was so fun to see how much they love this lil' guy and how much he was enjoying their company! He was so smiley, talkative, and didn't care who was holding him. Just wait until Max gets his Mandarin going.


Wǒmen ài nǐ nǎinai hé yéye!

Nainai, Max, Yeye
Time for smiles!
Grandpa & Max hang out
3 generations (and Tank too!)

Halloween - yeah I'm late

Ok, so I promised an update on Halloween and I obviously did not get around to it! Better late than never, right?

The Hamlins decided to come over to our neighborhood to have Emma show Max what trick-or-treating is all about! She was a cute butterfly and her dad made a very crafty homemade caterpillar outfit - loved it :) Poor Max got up really early from his afternoon nap and didn't last long on the trick-or-treating trip. I can't wait until he's walking and ringing doorbells by himself.

The neighborhood kids are too nice around here. I left my giant beer bucket of candy on the porch and no one snagged half the can when I came back. I also put up a sign after Max went to bed to please knock, and don't you know, EVERY kid followed instructions. Since I was telling kids to take candy by the handfuls, a couple of them went back to tell their friends. I love Halloween! (and it's not because it's my birthday either).

Emma & Dad Jeff
Wizard of Oz fam (Tank was suppose to be tin man, but didn't like his costume!)

Leon & the sleepy Lion Max
Owl pumpkin
Spider pumpkin