Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sprout Saturday

Yeah, I'm going to call it that because I think the last three Saturdays in a row we have been to Sprout! This time though, we had the lovely company of Liana, Kareem, lil' Lillian and the Gefter-Graham baby on the way. It is always so great to catch up with these guys and SO CUTE to see Lillian playing with Max the whole time. He loved her! She's getting good practice for her own little brother on the way.

Then, the Begley-Chows walked into Sprout just as we were talking about their little boy Alex being on the same soccer team as Lillian. Awesome. We not only got to see the entire fam, but little Eleanor is not so little anymore.

Always nice to catch up :)

Max waiting for the guests to arrive
Mmmmm...veggie puffs
You missed one, Max
Max & Lillian
The Begley-Chows! (L-R: Alex, Dan, Eleanor, Rebecca) 
The Gefter-Grahams! (L-R: Kareem, Lillian, Liana, and baby on the way)

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