Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best buds

On Saturday afternoon, the Paulsons came over to hang out and have some breakfast for dinner (who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?). Henry accompanied me to Max's room to wake him up from his afternoon nap. What a great surprise for Max to have his best bud to play with when he woke up.

Love seeing these two together!

Henry gives Max a big hug
Max loves this! 
Henry points out his BFF 
Double trouble
And then we had to break up the wrestling match

Monday, July 18, 2011

A little shower to celebrate the lil' W

On Saturday we attended a baby shower for our friends Tom & Lisa and their baby boy on the way (due in September). What a fun & cute party! So many awesome details and of course, I only had my iPhone on hand...darn it!

We are so excited to meet little baby Wehrman. Max is gonna' be happy to have a playmate in the neighborhood.

I did snag a couple pics from my friend Tony  - here they are :)

Cute onesies on a wire
Max so cool in shades

Lovely cookies

Moms-to-be Jane & Lisa catch up
Max takes a stroll with Dennis
Leon, Max, & Tom

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relaxing Max

This is a pic of Max off the monitor the other night. If I had known this would turn out on my camera, I would have taken some videos of the antics this kid does before he knocks out for the night!

Love how the leg is hanging outside the crib :)

Night night.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Officially Official - Max is walking

Ever since my Thursday post with Max walking around the house with the phone, Max is truly and officially a walker. He is walking everywhere, even if it still looks funny (he kind of has a Thriller, alligator arms thing going to get his balance). I love to see the smile on his face as he discovers his new skills and the new territory that comes with it!

Here's another video of more of Max's walking skills:

They're baaaaaccckkkk - YeYe & NaiNai return

Max had such a fun-filled weekend with YeYe & NaiNai. He certainly has a special bond with them and just lights up when they are here. He can not wait to be in YeYe's arms any chance he can get.

Max also showed off his copycat skills to his grandparents - like saying "ahhhhh" after taking a sip from his cup, or wiping your face when you are done eating (or in general), pretending to blow his nose, etc. It's a hoot to watch him and he likes getting the attention so he fakes a laugh too when we are all laughing.

Max had a great time with YeYe & NaiNai. We miss you both and can't wait to see you in LA next month!

Max shows YeYe how he uses the yoga ball for a walker
Touchdown in the hallway with NaiNai 
Fun on the swing at the park
Climbed up the play structure all by himself!
"I got this Dad!"
"Let's take a rest"
Walking with Dad & YeYe after lunch
Couldn't let go of the napkin
Wiping YeYe's face after lunch

Thursday, July 07, 2011


So I wouldn't call it official yet, but Max is very close to walking. Tonight he wouldn't give up the phone after Leon called. It provided enough of a distraction that he didn't realize he was walking all over the place with it. Max managed to walk from his room, all the way to the living room with it, and then I caught him on video (quality not so great) walking a little more. 

He managed to call Leon and a salesperson at Wells fargo...more then once. Oh well! Whatever motivates him to move. Hopefully none of you got any prank calls in which you heard a babbling baby and a barking dog. If so, sorry!

I'm pooped

Here was Max when I had to wake him up from his afternoon nap after his time at the park with Hank and Angie.

As always though, this kid still wakes up with smiles, even when I have to wake him myself. Luv him :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Max gets more Henry time

Since Max couldn't wait to see his BFF Henry again, we invited Angie & Henry to come on over yesterday afternoon for some time in the park. Henry showed his climbing skills while Max had alot of time on the swing and slide with Dad. I can't wait until Max walks so he can keep up with Henry :)

Angie gives Hank a snack (how cute is Ang preggers? I mean...seriously!!! Would you ever guess this woman is having twins?)
Henry on the play structure 
"Dad, how come I can't climb up there like Henry?"
Max gives Angie's sunglasses a whirl

Paulson BBQ for the 4th

The Paulson's threw a lovely 4th of July BBQ on Monday to celebrate Ann's bday, Brett's bday, & the USA! Angie had the cutest decor and her tres leches cupcakes were tres bueno!!! Thanks Paulsons :)

Here are pics from the day:
Max loves it at the Paulsons! 
Henry shows Max the ropes
Twin practice
"Let's get a move on...it's HOT!"
Henry has fun on the slide
Peter & Ann on the swings
Max with Leon on the slide
Tom conquers the climbing wall

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pre-dependence day

On Sunday my fam headed over for a pre-4th BBQ. It was blazing hot at 98 degrees (but not as hot as Stockton as my Mom liked to point out), but we managed to keep cool.

Ma had fun being the center of attention and showed off his new teeth and mobile skills to Grandma & Grandpa.

I am bad at remembering to take pictures, so I didn't get mine out until Max started playing with my sister's cam right before they left. Here's a couple photos of the two of them.

Max & Auntie Nga
Max w/Auntie Nga sans clothes...that's how he rolls