Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So jealous...

About a year ago, Leon and I started making plans to go to Beijing for the Olympics. His bro Wes lives there, and we would get to stay at his new condo in the heart of the city. I had a very limited timeframe to work with (because of school), and made all my class schedule plans around it. No second term Summer for me...Olympics here I come!

Unfortunately, the gods were not in my favor. Wesley is an American citizen and his visa was to expire in the month of August '08. In order to purchase Olympic tickets, you must have a Visa showing active at the time the Olympics were happening. However, in order to renew his Visa, Wesley had to return to the U.S. In order for us to get a Visa to visit Wesley, his had to be renewed. Long story short - we missed the boat. I decided to stay since there was no guarantee of seeing an event. Tickets would be available via scalpers or who knows what kind of lines. Given the $$ saved, I skipped the trip and encouraged Leon to still go with the fams. They left last week on Wednesday. They were able to catch one event - the U.S. vs. Japan in baseball.

Now for the past few days, I have thought about Leon being in Beijing with all my favorite things...

To eat: spicy fish, noodles, bao, and random crazy street food...yum! Is it coincidence that I have had Chinese food three times already since he has left? Szechuan food, Shanghai, Dim Sum...

On top of that: Wesley is a hip-hop DJ with many hook-ups in Beijing. They've been out on the town every night.

Yeah I'm's my list of things I WISH I'd been a part of with Leon as he stays in Beijing:

1. Food
2.The craziness of the Olympic crowds
3. Shopping
4. Nightlife

But the biggest kicker of all? Here are the people Leon and Wes got to meet/mingle with these past few days:

- LeBron James
- Dwayne Wade
- Kobe Bryant
- Jason Kidd
- Carmelo Anthony
- Deron Willliams
- Hussein Bolt
- David Beckham (ladies...this one hurts)

I know! Seriously....

SO jealous....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WARNING: Olympics may cause drowsiness

Though we have a DVR and I vow to record the Olympic events every night, I can't wait for it. So I end up staying up really late to watch everything anyhow.

You have to admit that it has been pretty exciting. The opening ceremony alone was enough to make you want to see more. I feel really sorry for London in that's going to take them all of the next four years to come up with something to top China.

So even though I suffer from lack of sleep during my workdays, it has been worth it. I know none of the morning headlines will surprise me because I've seen it already :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yay!...Boo!...and that's a ballgame

Went to the Giants/Dodgers game at PacBell (Now AT&T) park in SF. We had some very sunny seats and I got major arm tan. A "Yay!" from me for the Giants and and a "Boo!" from Leon as he is a super Dodgers fan. He's probably more of a Dodgers fan than I am a Giants fan though... I'll give him that. Alot of Dodger fans came out to see Manny R. - so excited to have him on their team I tell ya'.

I forgot my here are some pics from my cell.

Giants take the field

AT&T Billboard

Free hat to commemorate 50 years in SF, and the Dodgers rivalry

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a Wii-kend!

Currently listening to: Pretty Please - Estelle

What a fun Sunday we had. Invited friends over for our "Wii-Eat crab Wii-kend" and it was a blast. After stuffing ourselves with a crab boil:

The feast pour-out

Yummy piles

Ann waving "Hi" with the crab

A break after gorging before the Wii

We tried to work off some of those calories on the Wii. However, we'll keep those videos between friends :)