Monday, February 19, 2007

Weird Dreams

Currently listening to: Fidelity - Regina Spektor

A Happy President's day to all and belated Chinese New Year....

I slept in today until 9:40am and it was great. However, had some pretty weird dreams. Like I was going to college and living on campus in a dorm room that looked like a hotel room and one of my teachers was Claire Huxtable....yeah you heard me right.... Don't know what to inerpret from that one.

Today I really need to get my presentation together for my Abnormal Psych class but I am in a lazy mood. Maybe I just need a good dose of caffeine.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coast to coast and back

Currently listening to: The TV in the background...

Wow - so glad to finally be home. Took a trip last night on a red-eye flight after class to Charlotte, North Carolina. Had a couple meetings scheduled there today. Unfortunately when I arrived, what was forecast as "flurries" turned in to a few inches of snow - a record as a matter of fact for Charlotte and surrounding areas. All schools were closed and so were most businesses. Seeing this on the news, I still tried proceeding to my meeting. So while most of the residents were having fun on their snow day:

This is what I was enduring while trying to still cling to hope that my meetings were actually going to happen:

I did make it to the client safely - but the meetings were cancelled as most people stayed home because of the weather. I did see about 8 accidents on my very short trip from the airport to the client.
I quickly decided to book a trip back to San Francisco right away instead of staying the night - afraid it would freeze over. That was an ordeal in itself - barely made a connection in Phoenix running like heck to catch my flight. Screaming kids sitting behind me. And for all my flights, I probably slept a total of 2 hours. Cranky cranky...
So here I am, back home. Spent a whopping four hours in Charlotte. They want me to come back next week for a reschedule - I think I need to rest before deciding on that one....