Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Epitome of cuteness

Currently listening to: The Cave - Mumford & Sons

I'm talking about Hank. This kiddo with my kiddo equals UBER cuteness!!! Hank around Max just kills me. He wants to touch him, hug him, and lay on him. Wait until these two are wrestling and running!

Tonight, gracious Angie came with Hank and brought dinner too. Leon and Brett are both traveling so it was so nice to get to see her and Henry while our hubbies are away. She also brought this cute musical toy that got Max REALLY moving. He is so close to crawling, but even if not in a full-on crawl, he is getting around pretty efficiently now. Even Hank didn't know what to make of this..except to try and lay on his butt back :)

Thanks for coming over guys!!! Max is missing his buddy Hank already.


angie said...

LOVE THESE BOYS! The smile on Max in the first pic is out of this world adorable. I would love to see that little smile all the time! Thanks for letting us come over to destroy the place then leave you with the mess to clean up!

sandy c said...

@ Ang - thanks so much for coming, and really, don't worry that you left a "mess"...we're going to see a REAL mess when both of these kids are running! :) Thx again for dinner and stopping by.