Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mommy & Max time

This past weekend while Leon was partying with his boys in Vegas, I was spending some QT with my Maxy Bear. We had quite the eventful Saturday and headed up to Coyote Point Park. We spent some time at the really cool Magic Mountain playground before heading over to the CuriOdyssey museum and zoo. Max had such a fun time on the playground slides and would shout "Yay!" every time he made it down.

He LOVED this wind tunnel exhibit at the museum where you could put foam figures up into it and it spat them back out of the top. He spent about 45 minutes doing that. Then he was REALLY enamored with the frogs and kept going back to them saying "Froggy go night night". His favorit though were the otters who would do backflips off the glass closure and were fun to watch.

Lastly, we topped the trip off with lunch at Chipotle (but of course!) before heading home.

What a fun time. I really love watching Max soak in all these experiences because he is old enough now to get to enjoy them...and I enjoy watching him enjoy them :)

Back on top again
Cowboy up
Very cool light exhibit
"Yes!" building blocks/tubes
More creations
Checking out the magnet & the oil pan
The wind tunnel fixture Max LOVED
"Night night froggie"
High five to the sea otter
One last look at the otters before we leave

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day at the zoo

Now...I could pretty much go on and on to tell you what a great Dad Leon is...or what great Dad's we have. It's really puts a pang in my heart (a good one!) when I hear Max call out for his Daddy to say goodnight, or just to come play with him, or for him to watch what Max is doing. It's the cutest. And all that love that Max has equals double love from me. And I feel pretty lucky to have a hubby that is a great Dad!

For Father's Day, we headed out to the SF Zoo. And we ended up buying a membership because we see ourselves visiting pretty often.

Now that Max is older, he definitely notices the animals. And he can say all their names to boot! It was so cute to watch him point things out to us. His favorites were definitely the gorillas, hippo, penguins, and of course, feeding the goats in the petting zoo. It was also a gorgeous day in the city with clear skies and warm weather.

Hope all of you enjoyed your Father's Day too :)

Checking out the zebras
Max & Dad watch the giraffe eat
Dad & son :)
Trolling through the tunnel 
The gorilla checks out Max & vice versa
Penguins on their backs
Max hung out with the penguins for a VERY long time
Max waiting to give the goats more food
A Happy Dad's Day!

Beating the heat!

The day after our visit with the Paulson's it was around 95 degrees. What better way to beat the heat then head on over to Mitchell Park's water park structure?

Max wasn't as wild running there as he has been in the past, but he enjoyed himself with caution :) There were alot of big kids running around and I think that intimidated him a bit. Either way, he found a way in the water to cool off.

Checking things out 
Going to fill up his cup again
I don't trust you big kids! 
There's that smile!

The Paulson's new digs!

A couple weekends ago, we got to visit the Paulsons at their new house! Though they are a little further away, we are totally jealous of all that SPACE! and the yard...let's not forget the yard!

It's a good thing too with both the girls crawling and all of Hank's energy, there is room to run both inside and out. We celebrated by having a Popeye's Chicken lunch...yep you read that right :)

Congrats Paulsons on the new place and we can't wait to spend some lazy summer days there with you guys!

Hank tried on Dad's shoes 
Max checks out the "babeeeeeeee!"
Dual expressions 
Hank: "Sandy, why won't you chase me anymore? C'mon!"
Opposing dual expressions
OMG....are you kidding me with that face? Squishable. 
Girls can play with trucks too 
Look at that balance!
Double trouble!

Friday, June 08, 2012

2 year stats

Today, Max had his two-year check-up. What a difference 6 months make. Certainly, he is NOT staying still in the patient room anymore. From pressing the nurse call button, turning the lights on and off, and playing with the computer, this kid showed he is definitely all toddler!

Max seems to have tapered off on his growth in both weight and height now. He also took his last shot (will have more vaccines again at age 5) like a champ and didn't shed a tear. Way to go Max!

Weight: 28 lbs. 8 oz. - 49th percentile
Height: 35.5 in. - 63rd percentile
BMI: 16.1

Please excuse the quality of the below photos. They were taken with my phone. Also, Max held that flower that he picked with his nanny on his morning walk during the ENTIRE appointment, including the shot. And then in the car all the way home. Lol.

Max waiting to get his measurements, showing us his toes.

"I'm gonna' get up there?"
Still holding that flower