Tuesday, February 01, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

On Sunday, a few girlfriends and I had a "favorite things" exchange over brunch. Pam, Shannon, Angie, Ann & I met up at Bucks in Woodside gabbing away over brunch while we shared our favorite things with each other. As Shannon pointed out "I love that we found an excuse to give each other gifts!". Indeed :)

These gals came up with great stuff! I gave away my favorite mascara and a little reusable tote bag, and here's the loot I got back:

- nice squishy running socks
- goo (you know, for runners, but I may use this on a long walk downtown...lol)
- a slab of dark chocolate
- crazy colored socks
- a lovely scarf
- concealer brush
- burts bees lip balm
- hanky panky undies

Thanks gals! We need to do this again soon....I feel another favorite things exchange during Pismo weekend? :)

Angie's favorite things all nicely wrapped!

Shannon & Angie

Pam, myself, Ann

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