Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Uncle Wesley visits

Back around 4/22 Uncle Wes graced us with a visit. It was hard to believe that the last time Wesley saw Max was when Max was only 6 months old! Max didn't mind - it was like they picked up where they left off. Within minutes Max was calling "Uncle! Uncle!" every chance he could get, and asking Wesley to pick him up about...oh...every 5 minutes!

Nai Nai & YiYi also made the trek up from LA to spend the weekend together. Here's some pictures from us taking a stroll around the Stanford campus on a really beautiful day.

We miss you Uncle Wesley and hope you can visit again really soon!

Wesley watching a game of Quidditch...yes you read that right!
YiYi, Nai Nai, Wes, & Max
Leon, Max, Nai Nai, Wes, YiYi
Max taking the lead 
Max spent about 90% of the time pushing his stroller around campus
Enjoying the cool hallway arches
Uncle Wes plays with Max over the fountain
Having fun
and more fun
YiYi, NaiNai, Leon, Max, me, Wes
More fun over the fountain with Uncle Wes
Running around it too
And one more time with YiYi

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