Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our little monster turns 2!

This past weekend we threw a b-day party with a "monster" theme for Max's 2nd birthday. Seeing that I don't have alot of time on my hands nowadays, I kept things as simple as I could by hiring a taco lady (awesome by the way! However, we are still eating tacos every night for dinner) and keeping decor & sides low-prep. Of course...I must bake. I must ALWAYS bake.

As usual though, I am running around during the festivities or chatting with friends, so I didn't get pics of everyone and totally forgot to ask someone to take a family pic of us! Doh... Oh well. Max was uber excited though and definitely enjoyed himself at his party this year. And...get ready...the kiddo ate cake! He hasn't asked for it since, and yesterday on his actual bday when he was offered a cupcake he refused and ate a banana instead. Good boy Max, keep away from those sweets.

It was so great to have both sides of our family around and the many friends who made the trek. We know one thing for sure...the taco lady may make another appearance at a future fete. was THAT good.

I plan to post separately on Max 2 year highlights, but here's a few pics from the party.

The sweets table
Monster cake (it was suppose to be furry looking, but I ran out of frosting! oops)
Monster cupcakes (ignore the poor frosting job...I was tired)
Monster cookies as favors
Bubbles & monsters on each table outside
Watermelon-on-a-stick & chips with sides (I bought mexican party tissue flags too which were hung inside and outside)
Taco's  & quesadillas made to order with beans, rice, & all the fixings!
The Utleys with 6-week old Evie!
My oldest sis Hong (right), her fam, & my dad chat
Camille plays in the kiddie pool (we had a stomp rocket out too which the kids loved)
4 Paulsons & the Van Staverns
Karen, Jake, Jeff, & Shani catch up
Paola "La-La" with the bday boy
The Wehrmans

Getting ready for cake with Dad
This was Max's expression the entire time we were singing...he could be the next Simon Cowell 
He likes it!
New balance bike from Mom & Dad (I am helping to push him...he doesn't get it quite yet)
Max finally realizing these gifts are all his!

 Such a fun party and thanks to all of you that came out to celebrate! 

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