Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sorry...I've been a little distracted

By this guy...


I mean can you blame me? Look at him! He's gorg...

So this guy is Henry Cavill whom I've been recently watching on the Tudors. Thing is, Leon started watching the Tudors series awhile ago and would watch a show almost every night before we went to bed. My problem was, I would fall asleep about 5 minutes in and miss the whole thing. And then, I started watching towards the last season, and asked myself "Who is THAT guy?". Low and behold, I been missing out on this hotness  for three seasons. So what did I do? Watch the Tudors starting from Season 1 of course!

And I have been neglecting my blog. Hope you can understand. I mean, I think you will understand from the proof above as to why. :)

I also found out he's going to be the next Superman? Whhhaaattttt???

To those who did not know about Henry Cavill before either...you're welcome.

Expect a blog blast very very soon.

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