Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day in Tahoe

This past Memorial Day weekend our friends Jeff & Sam invited us up to their house in South Lake Tahoe. It definitely wasn't a BBQ'ing weekend because the weather was COLD (snow flurries), but we managed to go out for a couple nice walks. We had to keep with the leisurely stroll because of course Max is insistent on walking by himself the entire time! :)

Sam even hooked up a babysitter on Saturday night so we could hit up the casinos. I wasn't so lucky, but Sam scored $2500! Niiiicccee. Not only that, she managed to bet Jeff in a Yahtzee game that he wear some electric blue skinny jeans if he lost so she could take a photo...he lost, photo is pending.

Tank got along with their dog Bettis just great, and I think by the end, they were BFFs.

What a great time! Can't wait to do it again sometime. Thanks Hamlins!

Max geared up and ready for our walk
Emma says "C'mon Max!"
Walking Tank too
Venturing off into the forest 
There's the crew ahead of us
We're a little behind
Ok maybe ALOT behind 
Shoes are wet, but still trudging along!
Enjoying the view on our walk
Max & Emma threw sticks in the river 
Emma, her monkey Bono, and dad Jeff pose under a fallen tree

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