Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday walk!

Thursdays are turning into walking days for Angie, I, and the boys. This time I headed over to Angie's and we took a long walk through her wonderful neighborhood. There were even kids selling lemonade on a corner - Ang shared a funny anecdote about that as a kid you will have to ask her about sometime, in which her sister had a competing stand ... lol.

It's so great to see Maxwell and Henry together like this even though they aren't really aware of it yet. I can't wait to see them running around together being lil' bruisers.

By the end of the walk, Max broke out in his crazy "feed me now" cry. (Thanks Ang for trying to comfort my kiddo). I tried to make it all the way home while awkwardly reaching in the back seat rubbing his forehead, but this did not comfort him. So...I pulled over in a parking lot to feed him. Tried to change his diaper, but after desperately searching in the diaper bag, there were NO diapers! Leon had been using the diapers and wipes from the diaper bag in the mornings when he feeds Max and forgot to replace them (oops). Poor Max, I had to slap the dirty diaper back on the guy and rush back home.

We'll get this parenting thing down sooner or later! :)

Max & Henry rollin' through the hood

Hank hams it up for the cam

Max is disinterested in the cam

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angie said...

Love that picture of Max. Sweet cheeks!!