Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby-whispering Windelers

Our favorite friends from Michigan granted us with a visit this Sunday through Wednesday - the Windelers! Although it was a pretty chillaxin' time, it is always great to see them.

I mentioned in my previous post about Max being a little fussy as of late...well I think Jenn & Brahm brought some baby magic. He slept in 3 hour increments at night and even slept during the a baby :) Here I was worried about him waking them all up at night and he proves me wrong. Way to go Max!

Miss you guys already...are you sure you don't want to move back to California?

Amelia enjoys the whale pool (thanks Hivelys!) while Tank checks things out

Kaija & Amelia playing games on the Mac

Jenn, Amelia (hiding), Kaija, Brahm, & Max

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