Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 'Rents visit!

Grandparents that is! Leon's folks are in town for the weekend to see their first grandchild :) Max has been lucky getting to be in Grandma's arms. Grandma also brought pics of Leon as a newborn and can we say "spitting image"! I'll try and get scanned copies and upload them soon (don't have the driver for my scanner on the Mac).

Today Max is three weeks old and we took him to DayOne for a weigh-in. Wow, this kiddo sure knows how to eat! As you see from the scale below, he's now 8 lbs. 7oz.

Tank, Grandpa & Grandma Chen, Max

The proud Grandparents with Max

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angie said...

So big! I love his face in the last pic. Such a doll. He looks EXACTLY like Leon!