Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Handlin' It!

This week Leon returned back to work, which means Mama gone solo! I'll admit that Monday was rough as Max decided to stay up all night...meaning I was awake with him all day and night. Then, yesterday was a bit easier as I got in an afternoon nap.

Today, I went wild (ok not really) and got up the courage to do an outing to Target by myself with Max in tow. Success! He slept the entire time, that dear sweet boy.

The following pictures have nothing to do with my outing, but thought I would post them anyhow.

Crazy hair after a bath

Wide awake


Red Headed Mama said...

I started out slow with Target runs too..and with a baby you ALWAYS need something from Target! You go, girl! He's just precious :)

Anonymous said...

So glad Max knows how to "Handle it!" Now he can hang out with me!!! Ha! LOVE THIS GUY! could NOT get any cuter!!!