Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Father's Day

A pretty chill Father's Day for Leon's first. We started off the morning at Cafe Barrone (Yes, it may seem like I suggested this, but I swear I did not!), followed by a little grocery shopping at Trader Joes & then Draegar's.

Max was a champ. He lasted a full three hours from his last feeding making us feel like we had the entire day out. Then the kid went down for another three hour nap. Leon said this is the best Father's Day gift he could ask for :)

My gift is having such a great Daddy for Maxwell. I love you Leon!!! You are the most awesomest Dad ever!

Max wears his love for dad
Proud Dad & son

Max makes a poop as Dad watches (This may not have happened, but it makes a good photo caption)

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