Friday, June 26, 2009

Paris - Days 4 & 5

I was so tired yesterday, I couldn't muster up the strength to post. But alas, today was easy breezy and time for catching up.

Yesterday, we headed by train to the village of Giverny to see Monet's home and gardens in person. What a sight to see! So unreal to see the home and the famous 'Water Lilies" pond, along with the "poppy field" we have seen in his great paintings. It was a truly beautiful place.

Skipped the nap and headed off to dinner on the metro. It was raining, but we wanted to brave the rain to head to a place we read about that quoted best value for your dinner. Can you believe the photos below were from 10:30pm? Still so light out, it tricks you.

Well another night and another wonderful dinner. Yum! I started with a crab served with avocado mousse, while Leon started with a sundried tomato, goat cheese, egg concoction. I had duck and Leon had lamb. Last but not least there was dessert. I had a homemade chocolate mousse and Leon had a mango and rasberry crumble...heaven, ALL of it. We rolled out of there and had to unbutton our pants.

Today was a kickback day. Since we are in France, we were determined to find a crepe place. Well, apparently, Paris isn't known for it, but the internet is our friend and helped us to find a wonderful crepe place best known for it's buckwheat crepes. after stuffing ourselves again, we headed over to the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore, known for many a famous author to frequent. Did a little bit of shopping too, but decided to head back here to the hotel.

We are up in the air about heading to the Eiffel tower again tonight to try and make it to the top, but thinking we may try and find a lovely sweet crepe tonight.

Paris has been wonderful and I can't believe that this is our last night. Certainly, it is a city I may come visit again.

P.S. just have to mention a R.I.P. for Michael Jackson. We've been hearing his music EVERYWHERE today in Paris.


angie said...

Great pictures again. Brett just asked to see more pictures of Leon.

sandy c said...

Thanks Ang :) - and tell Brett I know he misses Leyonce, so I will try and take more pics in Spain!