Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paris - Day 3

Another busy day. Much warmer weather but still so nice and breezy.

We started out today tackling the Louvre. It is quite alot to see, but we (like many) made a beeline for the famous Mona Lisa and got to see a few other works we knew, like Venus de Milo.

After a short ice-cream break, we made our way to the next museum not too far away called Musee de l'Orangerie. It housed a few Picasso's and some of the famous "Water Lilies" paintings of Monet.

We then visited the Arc de Triomphe again to make our way to the top. Another exhausting climb in a skinny stairwell, but the views made it worth it.

Took another short break at a cafe where I enjoyed a soy and cherry smoothie (surprisingly good) and Leon enjoyed a beer while we snacked on a club sandwich and frites. The we headed to the Sacre Coeur basilica. No climbing this time, we decided on the tram up the mountain to spare our tired soles. Another amazing view of Paris.

We headed back to our hotel and proceeded to sleep for the next couple hours. We then had dinner at a local cafe. I chose the beef tartare and Leon had a salmon dish. And as we have been used too, we always have wine and dessert with coffee, yum!

Still waiting to run into the "rude" Paris folks people have told me about. Thus far everyone has been very nice. They put up with our little known French in which most of the time we are asking if they speak English. I also have eaten like a king, but was told by some that portions are so small...not so my friends! I've been very full the entire time I have been here.

We have decided to move up our trip out to Giverny to tomorrow as it is suppose to rain on Friday - which wouldn't make for a pleasant trip to see Monet's home and gardens.

On a random note, Leon and I have been seeing advertisements all over the subways for the movie "The Hangover", which in France seems to translate to "Very Bad Trip". Funny how translations work, but not as funny as in Asia I must admit.


Anonymous said...

All this in one day? You guys are champions!!! I love it! I feel like I'm right there with you! Soooo glad you're having fun and can't wait to keep reading! We miss you guys too much already! xo

angie said...

Your posts from Paris are great. Wonderful photos too!