Monday, June 29, 2009

Almost adios, Barcelona

My, time flies, doesn't it? It is hard to believe that we already have to leave Barcelona tomorrow. We really are ready to make it to Estepona though (last leg of our trip) and do absolutely NOTHING. However, one more stop tomorrow in Granada to see the Alhambra and Leon will test his driving skills in Spain.

Until then, we have crammed in as much as we could in Barcelona, starting yesterday with...

Park Gruell. Apparently, artist/architect Guadi seems to have designed much of everything here in Barcelona. what is impressive is that it is so modern, whimsical, etc. Park Gruell is one of those places.

After climbing to the very top of the highest point in the park on this rock-building-thingy, Leon and I put on our best "scared of heights" face...except Leon may have been half-acting.

Then on to another Guadi creation, La Sagrada Familia, which is a church that has been under construction for over 80 years...and STILL under construction. It was like nothing I had ever seen - gothic, modern, but yet, still old. See for yourself below...

After a short lunch break of tapas, we headed to the Picasso museum. We waited in a very long line (see pic below) and after getting in, the lady asked us what country we were from. Leon told her, and I jokingly asked "So...does that mean we get a discount?"...then she said "It is free". Wow! When did Americans get into foreign museums for free? In Espana I guess :) No pics inside the museum, so you only get us walking there and waiting in line.

Today we hung around the famous street called La Rambla, known for it's street performers and shopping. one guy inparticular looked like a gold spray-painted version of Seth really, check it out for yourself below.

The highlight of La Rambla, however, is the big market known as Mercat La Boqueria. Was pretty cool, and I bought some candy for our plane ride tomorrow because they had a lot of interesting gummy candies which included tennis balls, sunny-side-up eggs, cobra snakes, and many more things. We were also sorry that we ate a sandwich before coming to the market as they had bars inside serving up fresh seafood...DAMN, I know! We did manage to get a fresh fruit bowl and fresh smoothies though...yum.

Before I sign off, this next set of pictures is dedicated to Brett P. upon request :)

Tomorrow, adios Barcelona and hola Granada.

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