Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paris - day 2

Wow, we have had quite the day. I do credit us for squeezing alot in, without feeling like we rushed it. Day 2 and I am liking Paris even more.

We started the day with a visit to Musee d'Orsay which had quite the impressionist collection. I was geeking out at all the art I had only seen in books, but now got to witness in person. Recognize any below? The Monets and Van Gogh blew me away. I am getting very excited about our trip this Friday to Monet's home in Giverny.

Next stop, the Musee Rodin - which as you can guess, houses alot of Rodin's work...including his most famous, The Thinker! I saved Leon from the "copy this statue" pose.

By this time we were ready to use our Metro skills. With Leon as navigator, we ventured into the subways of Paris. Next stop was Notre Dame. I am sorry to report that there was not a hunchback in the tower ringing a bell. It was a beautiful site inside and out to see, however.

And since we were at Notre Dame, it was time to test out this famous Berhillon ice cream everyone kept telling us about. Verdict: very good, but we've had better. Just bein' honest!

A short nap and 2 hours later, we are back on the town to try out Le Ralais de Venice, which came highly reccomended by friends. That crowd you see in the photo below was the line to get in! This was a popular spot, and at 24 euro for all you can eat steak and frites, it's not surprising to see why. I was only able to put down 1 1/2 servings, but squeezed in some chocolate cake and cafe au lait for dessert.

To cap off the night, we headed over to the famous Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately, we got there right at 11pm and could nto head to the top. However, we were quite spent for the day, so maybe it was for the better.

It has been unreal to see these things in person and photos certainly do not do justice. Although I never had a real deep desire to see Paris, I must say that I am really glad we took the trip.

Tomorrow, big plans for the Louvre and whatever other museums we can squeeze in on our two-day pass.

It's about 2:50am and I am obviously still getting used to the jet lag. Better get some shut-eye.

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