Saturday, June 27, 2009

Buenos dias Barcelona, Espana!

Made it to Barcelona. So hard to believe that we were in Paris this morning at a patisserie, and this evening we had some great Catalonia food.

No exploring yet, but went to a local restaurant recommended by the trusted Lonely Planet. So basically, this blog entry will be a breakdown of our meal (which was way too big because we wanted to try everything!)

Leon starts with a beer he called "hoppy"...I called it yellow-looking foamy

I had some fancy water

This is a tuna dish with herbs in a spicy sauce you put on "toast"

the "toast" with tomato sauce baked on top

cod, zucchini, and parmesan cheese with some oil and spices

fatty beef dish with mushrooms

We also had a chorizo tapa dish that was marinated in red wine...but it did not look appetizing and those reading this blog would think it was something else. It tasted great though!

Now came dessert and we got a surprise...

We ordered lemon sorbet and it came...soaked in tequila (that's the liquid you see)! WTF? I did taste good though. Would never have thought of that as a combination.

My coffee...which in Spain seems to translate to espresso

We have only two full days here in Barcelona so we plan on tackling alot tomorrow.

For now, buenos noches.

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