Monday, September 05, 2011

SC repeat - Day 1

The one weekend we were in LA, we did a repeat of the Stanford B-school crew visiting the Lawrences in San Clemente. Unfortunately the Paulsons couldn't join and we missed out on Hank in the action. It was great though to see all the kiddos together. We had so much fun and again had sparks of jealousy for the beachy life that the Lawrences get to live down in SC.

First evening we arrived, Annika's folks gave up their house for us to enjoy a great dinner with a breathtaking view. The kids also enjoyed running around AND the totally rad pool of plastic balls...GREAT idea!

Maya & Max check things out
Max mesmerized by the ceiling fans
Wiley always happy
Leon and Brad round up the kiddos for dinner
Annika takes pics of the pool action 
Wiley & Brooks show Max how it's done
End of the day family photo

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