Thursday, September 08, 2011

Emma's Rock Star bday

Weekend before last we headed over to the Hamlins to celebrate Emma's bday. She had a Rockstar theme, so we put Max in some skinny jeans, a mohawk, shades, and headed on over. Leon dressed up as Max's "agent" and handed out his business cards. I was Max's "stylist" and primped him every once in awhile with my bag full of products.

The highlight of the party was Jeff (Emma's Dad) who dressed up as Justin Beiber and gave the kids a performance lipsyncing to the song Baby on the stage that they built for the party.

This was too fun and cute!

Justin Beiber & Max's agent
Max shows he's cooler than the flamingo
Staring the flamingo down

Max & bday girl Emma
The Beibs performs while kids rush the stage!

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