Thursday, September 08, 2011

Same weekend - different celebration was a busy weekend that one before last. We headed out to the Ritz in HMB to celebrate the impending arrival of the Paulson's twins! Whoo hoo. What a great excuse to have a fancy brunch.

The Kavals, Paulsons, & Chens ate our hearts out, took a mini-walk around the hotel, and hung out the remainder of the day. How cute does Angie look...would you think she was expecting twins? No!

Congrats Paulsons - we can not WAIT to meet these little girls!

The girls
The guys
Angie thinking "Why yes, bloody marys sound like a GREAT idea!"
Mama & Papa Paulson

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angie said...

This was such a treat! Thank you guys! Please send me the pics too. I need to get my blog up to date!