Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SoCal Reunion Part II - Max meets the high school crew

Yesterday was a reunion with a couple of Leon's high school friends and their kiddos. I am so bummed I forgot my camera, so I took what pics I could from my iPhone. I didn't even get pics of the hosts! Shameful. Genevieve & Dave hosted a get-together at their home and we got to finally meet their little one Isabelle. Jake & his wife Gillian joined the fun with their two - Lennon & Nico. Also, Dave's sister & Mom tagged along.

I have to say that Gen & Dave as well as Gill & Jake have just the cutest kids!!! I couldn't get enough of them, they were too precious. Seeing them playing, I couldn't wait until Max was at that stage and more interactive...however, I may eat those words later :)

It was a fun time and we were all joking about how much our lives had changed since last year. Gen was recalling their trip up North to see Leon and I and how we were drinking on a rooftop in SF then playing Rock Band (our band name? 5 donuts!) into the wee hours of the look at us! Lol...we wouldn't change any of it though.

It was great to see all these guys and hopefully next time it is not so long in between visits.
Linda, Judy, Leon, & Jake



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