Sunday, August 29, 2010

More fun pix

I am squeezing in all the fun time I can with Max before I have to return to the working world, and I must say, he gets more fun everyday. He's turning into quite the personality. 

Here's some more fun pix from the past week:
Max checks himself out in the mirror during tummy time
Though Max is a fan of baths, he does not seem to be a fan of the bubble mohawk


brettandcakes said...

I literally cannot get over how damn darling this boy is! Love you little man!
Sandy, PR date Thursday??? Ha ha! :) G-nasty must die!

sandy c said...

@cakes: I am sad to say due to a Couples Decathalon event (I may have to explain that later), I will be missing PR tomorrow night! Alas, I will have to do catch-up on DVR...please keep me updated though! G-nasty needs the boot and TG needs to set her straight again!!! :)