Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SoCal Reunion The Final Episode - The Stanford Baby Boom in SC

The last part of our SoCal trip we spent in San Clemente. Brett & Annika were such generous hosts and gave up their own bed for us to sleep in! Thanks so much you guys, really. We had a great time and it was great to see you both and your beautiful boys. 

Annika is a true super mom. Before I was even downstairs in the morning she was fully dressed, her boys were fully dressed, breakfast was being served, and she was out the door for a morning walk...seriously! 

Also in attendance were Brett P., Angie, & Hank as well as Brad, Heather, & Maya. We are already in talks for a reunion like this next year!

So fun to see everyone's kids together and how they all have their own little personalities. In one moment while all the little ones were awake, we were able to line them up on the couch for a photo shoot.
Max tries to woo the only girl there, Miss Maya!

Hank, Brooks, Max, Wiley, & Maya (How cute is it that Wiley is holding Max's hand?)

Hank, Brooks, & Max


angie said...

Ha ha! we wrote the same title pretty much on our blog posts. Also, I LOVE Max in the last pic you posted!!!

Anonymous said...

We were SOOOO happy to have you guys!!! ANY and EVERY time! So much fun seeing you and meeting the sweetest little buddah baby in the world! We love you mr. Max!