Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Paulson's new digs!

A couple weekends ago, we got to visit the Paulsons at their new house! Though they are a little further away, we are totally jealous of all that SPACE! and the yard...let's not forget the yard!

It's a good thing too with both the girls crawling and all of Hank's energy, there is room to run both inside and out. We celebrated by having a Popeye's Chicken lunch...yep you read that right :)

Congrats Paulsons on the new place and we can't wait to spend some lazy summer days there with you guys!

Hank tried on Dad's shoes 
Max checks out the "babeeeeeeee!"
Dual expressions 
Hank: "Sandy, why won't you chase me anymore? C'mon!"
Opposing dual expressions
OMG....are you kidding me with that face? Squishable. 
Girls can play with trucks too 
Look at that balance!
Double trouble!

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