Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mommy & Max time

This past weekend while Leon was partying with his boys in Vegas, I was spending some QT with my Maxy Bear. We had quite the eventful Saturday and headed up to Coyote Point Park. We spent some time at the really cool Magic Mountain playground before heading over to the CuriOdyssey museum and zoo. Max had such a fun time on the playground slides and would shout "Yay!" every time he made it down.

He LOVED this wind tunnel exhibit at the museum where you could put foam figures up into it and it spat them back out of the top. He spent about 45 minutes doing that. Then he was REALLY enamored with the frogs and kept going back to them saying "Froggy go night night". His favorit though were the otters who would do backflips off the glass closure and were fun to watch.

Lastly, we topped the trip off with lunch at Chipotle (but of course!) before heading home.

What a fun time. I really love watching Max soak in all these experiences because he is old enough now to get to enjoy them...and I enjoy watching him enjoy them :)

Back on top again
Cowboy up
Very cool light exhibit
"Yes!" building blocks/tubes
More creations
Checking out the magnet & the oil pan
The wind tunnel fixture Max LOVED
"Night night froggie"
High five to the sea otter
One last look at the otters before we leave

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