Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day at the zoo

Now...I could pretty much go on and on to tell you what a great Dad Leon is...or what great Dad's we have. It's really puts a pang in my heart (a good one!) when I hear Max call out for his Daddy to say goodnight, or just to come play with him, or for him to watch what Max is doing. It's the cutest. And all that love that Max has equals double love from me. And I feel pretty lucky to have a hubby that is a great Dad!

For Father's Day, we headed out to the SF Zoo. And we ended up buying a membership because we see ourselves visiting pretty often.

Now that Max is older, he definitely notices the animals. And he can say all their names to boot! It was so cute to watch him point things out to us. His favorites were definitely the gorillas, hippo, penguins, and of course, feeding the goats in the petting zoo. It was also a gorgeous day in the city with clear skies and warm weather.

Hope all of you enjoyed your Father's Day too :)

Checking out the zebras
Max & Dad watch the giraffe eat
Dad & son :)
Trolling through the tunnel 
The gorilla checks out Max & vice versa
Penguins on their backs
Max hung out with the penguins for a VERY long time
Max waiting to give the goats more food
A Happy Dad's Day!

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