Monday, December 20, 2010

Leon's Bday Celebration

Friday night we celebrated Leon's bday (real bday is December 15th). Friends came to have drinks and Mexican food with the birthday boy. I found some cool crowns at Paper Source and no one was wearing them - but leave it to Emma (Jeff & Sam's little girl) to get the party started and hand out crowns to everyone.

Max was a super trooper. We turned up the sound machine in his room extra loud and stuffed a towel under the door. Kiddo slept great - even when we busted out singing to Leon (way to go Angie :) ).

Leon had a great time and so did I. It's nice to know that a little bit of the old Chens are back even though we have a lil one in tow now. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Happy bday Leon - I love you dub bub! :)

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