Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas "Wrap" up

It has been a busy time for us between Christmas and New Year, so this Christmas post is coming to you on New Year's Eve :)

Max's first Christmas came & went. I am just sorry I didn't get more pictures - I was too busy cooking. We hosted Christmas at our place this year and it was a hit! My side of the family came as well as Leon's uncle and Leon's brother Wesley was also still in town.

Max woke up happy as a clam on Xmas morning (this was our gift, poor kiddo was real sick the entire week) and opened his stocking with Daddy. Santa brought Max a little radio flyer push wagon.

I was glad having everyone together and Max getting to see so much family. Of course, Max & Tank made out like bandits and they were buried in gifts. Everyone was so generous and we are thankful Max has so much caring family in his little life already.

Christmas morning opening stockings
Max in the Radio Flyer wagon
The spread & Tank waiting for prime rib
Opening gifts with the fam!
Winding down for the night

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