Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baking therapy - Christmas Cookies

I've been a pretty busy baker these past few days. My dear dear Max had to visit urgent care TWICE in the beginning of this week. First, his ear infection never fully went away, then he came down with HFMD...ugh. Poor thing could not eat a real meal for three days and it hurt him alot. Thankfully, our best Christmas gift was that by Christmas Eve, Max was all better!

In the meantime, I took to baking as my therapy (and preparation for hosting Xmas at our house). First up: Christmas cookies. I usually bake about 10 different kinds, but this year, just the frosted sugar would have to do. I actually had some Christmas carolers visit on Thursday while I was making these! So cute, all these kids that sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" carrying candles and their song lyrics. I told them I don't have any figgy pudding, but I do have Christmas cookies to share. They were very excited. Man, I thought that Christmas caroling only happened in the movies! :)

Rolled out
Fresh from the oven
All ready for frosting & decor
Decorated & drying

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